MeaningFULL Bouquets

We are building a "secret garden" for you to find peace within while picking unusual flowers for your meaningFULL bouquet.  What this means:  we have chosen flowers that aren't seen everyday, and that have special meanings attached to them.  We have put the meanings together for special bouquet options for you to choose from. You then go into the garden, and do a u-pick of the best blooms for your loved one's bouquet.  We have made cards telling the meanings of each flower, and why they were chosen for your special someone.  These are SURE to be a hit with every recipient and the memories and cards will be cherished for years to come.  Choices of bouquets include:  

-  Groom Blooms:  Bridal shower bouquets

-  Zoom Blooms:   Special friendship bouquets

-  Womb Blooms:  Baby shower Bouquets

-  Vroom Blooms:  Going away/moving bouquets

- Gloom Blooms:  Going through hard times bouquets

Each bouquet will be wrapped in tissue with twine and Ripe Radish Farm stickers, and will include the meaningFULL card.  u-pick:  $30 per bouquet.  


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