Free Range Large Eggs: Add On Item To CSA Membership

chicken delish eggs free range fresh hens large

Last fall, we walked into Tractor Supply for farm equipment, and gleefully walked out with the cutest 14 baby chicks!  So, our current flock family of 24 feathered ladies are laying loads of luscious and colorful (blue, green, white, dark brown, light brown, and speckled) eggs!  All of the chickies are free-ranging blissfully in the spring blooms, so their eggs are full of nutrients!  They sell out quickly, so please call to check on availability prior to driving over.  612-394-0559

Please note:  the feathered ladies put a protective coating (called a "bloom") on their eggs as they are laid.  This keeps bacteria from entering the cool!  In order to keep that coating safely intact, we don't wash the eggs before selling them to you.  So, please wash the eggs before using them in your recipes. 

Thanks, and enjoy!