Hello...many questions, so here are the replies:

1) Do you have drop sites?  Nope.  We HIGHLY value the joy of the harvest, and don't want to rob you and your family of that experience.  So, we are a u-pick location only.  We heard someone coin the phrase:  "Agritainment" and we agree that the name fits perfectly...nature/agriculture is crazy entertaining!

2) Will the farm now be member-only, or will the public be able to purchase?  We have moved to a member-only, U-Pick, CSA model, so only members will be benefitted by the farm.   However, summer 2024, we WILL have organic sweet strawberries available for public purchase. Please follow us on social media for updated info on picking days/times.  Also, ALL are welcome and invited to our two annual Fests:  Spring:  Saturday May 11 at 10am-3pm; and Fall:  Saturday, Oct 12 at 10m-3pm.  Please click HERE for details on the fests. 

3)  What are the veggies/fruits that will be planted:  Well, apparently, I have a seed buying addiction, so we have lots of stuff coming!  (including 8,355 flowers seeds...that number doesn't include the seeds I harvested...thousands...or the dahlia tubers that we dug..oh brother!) 

Here is the list of seeds that we now have on hand, but please note that these are not guaranteed due to time/seed germination/weather/pests, etc...but we plan to have them all on hand if we can help it.  (Just an example:  in the past, we planted 90 roma tomato seeds and as they came up, we found that every one of them had a seed virus...mosaic tobacco...which arrived inside of the seeds so we had no hope for keeping them.  Stuff like that happens as there are SO many variables out of our hands.  So we destroyed those and chose to be thankful for the sungolds and brandywine heirlooms that were bomb!)  Also, please note that some of the fruits will be limited and only available when they are ripe...so it'll be a fun surprise for you to find out when you arrive what will be ready for you!  (examples will be plums, grapes, elderberries, etc)


Arugula; Kale (multiple varieties); Lettuces (Pirat, and Dragoon); Rainbow Chard


Rattlesnake Pole beans; Maxibel (slender, sweet delish French Haricot Vert), Northeastern Pole, Chiba Green Soybean, Calypso Dry Beans



Beets:  Chioggia, Early Wonder, (and hopefully a golden variety TBD)

Broccoli:  Imperial

Cabbage:  Amarant red

Carrots Danvers, Nantes, Napoli

Corn: Natural Sweet and glass gem popping that everyone loves!

Cukes: Striped Armenian; Adam Gerkins

Eggplant Japanese Early Long Purple; and Diamond Italian

FLOWERS:  Dahlias; zinnias; sunflowers; lisianthus, scabiosa; snapdragons; tulips; poor man's orchids; ammi dara; lace flowers; china aster; celosia; bunny tails; ageratum; cosmos; sun balls, marigolds, calendula, nasturtium, gomphrena, lavender, violas, sweet alyssum, etc

Garlic German Xtra Hardy with garlic scapes! 

Kale:  Dazzling Blue Lacinato, Red Russsian, Garden Blend, etc

Lettuce:  Pirat, Dragoon Mini Romaines

Onions: Deep Purple Bunching Spring Onions, Ailsa yellow, and red

Peas:  Mammoth Melting Pods, and Sugar Snap

Peppers: Red Rocket, Early Jalapeno, Red Picnic, Sweet Chocolate

Potatoes:  Russet, Elba and Red AmaRosa

Pumpkins:  Long Island Cheese 

Radishes:  Cherry Belle and Easter Egg

Spinach:  Space

Squash: Summer:  Zucchini (Costada Romanesco); Patty Pan Bennings Green

               Winter: Ambercup, Buttercup/nut, Georgia Candy Roaster; Delicata; 

Tomatoes:  Sun Golds of course!; Black Cherry, Gilbertie Paste, Cherokee Purple; and a few new ones TBD


Basil Genovese; Cilantro Santo; Lemon Balm; Black Licorice Mint; Dill, Parsley, Peppermint, Oregano, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Chives, borage.  


Apples, Pears, Grapes, Blueberries, Hybrid Blend of Honeydew/Cantelope:  Melon Arava and Athena, Tart Cherries, Currants 3 colors, Honeyberries. Plums, Raspberries both golden and red, Rhubarb, Gooseberries, Strawberries both June-bearing and Albion-Day-Neutrals which are ripe mid-summer-fall, Watermelon, limited Elderberries.

  4)  Can we split a share with friends?  Absolutely...one of you will need to sign up as the leader so we have someone to connect with.  Then you both can decide how to divvy up your picking dates.  

5)  What sort of events will there be?  Classes TBD, Spring and Fall Fest/Maker's Market link HERE.  

6)  How much will we pick each week?  You'll be picking roughly 1/2 of what you'll take home.  We'll have the other 1/2 already picked and waiting for you to choose from.  You will receive a large picking crate that is yours for the season.  Please bring it weekly with you to pick.  Each weeks harvest should feed 2-4 people (depending on appetites of course).  

7)  Can we volunteer?  YES PLEASE.  If you would like to come help out and get a wonderful, full-body workout, please contact us and set up a time.  612-394-0559

8) Will we be able to purchase extras beyond what the box allocates each week?  YES....if there is abundance, then you most certainly may purchase extra.  We don't want things to go to waste...and we are planting for plenty so that we can "over-deliver".  So, hopefully that will be the scenario this summer.  

10)  Do you have honey from your farm?  Not this 2024 season.  

11)  Are your chicken eggs organic?  yes...and are free range for a large part of their life.  The feathered ladies eat produce from the farm which is all organic..and they are now also on organic feed, but we don't have them certified.  They are free range and soooo fresh...and some are even blue!  AND, you can "adopt" one....more info to come.

12)  I'm sure there are other questions, and I'll add them as I remember them...brain overloaded right now.  HAPPY FALL AND WINTER...and see you in 2024!



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