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Tart cherries are crazy good in baked goods, jam and chutneys.  Please mark your calendars for the end of June/early July 2022 for the next harvest.  

Fun Facts:

The world record for cherry stone spitting is a whopping 93 feet 6.5 inches!

-  The average cherry tree has 7,000 cherries...enough to make around 28 pies!

-  Little power packed tart cherries make crazy good jam. Sour cherries have an intense, tart flavor when fresh and sweet/sour, but not bitter in taste. The skin of the fruit is smooth and firm with a glossy sheen. Its flesh contains a small central seed which is light brown colored. Sour cherries are available from June to early August depending on region cultivar. Sour cherries, also known as tart or pie cherries are key ingredient in desserts like cakes, sorbets and ice cream.  They are also a perfect cherry for glazes, sauces and reductions.

-  The health benefits of sour cherries include brain health, heart health, cancer prevention, antioxidant properties, boost the immune system, reduces inflammation, reduce symptoms of arthritis and gout, protect against diabetes, promote healthy sleep and reduce post-exercise pain.


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