Dale Lewis Artwork at the Farm!

Ant Art Artwork Crab Daddy Long Legs Dale Hastings Insects Lewis Wasp Welding Wooly Bear

We LOVE art and creativity!  Because of that, you'll find a plethora of pieces around the farm to enjoy.  Here are some of our favorites:

We are completely honored to be one of the chosen locations to host the welded artwork of award winning artisan Dale Lewis!!!!  Dale is one of our awesome Hastings neighbors, and he has a passion for welding scrap metal into pieces of art!  We love that things headed for the dump are reimagined and redirected into such treasures.  We currently have his insect pieces at the farm including:  the wasp made mostly from Harley parts, the daddy-long legs, the wooly caterpillar, and the crab, .  We wanted to include these at the farm not only because they are sooo cool, but also so that we can remember that there are beneficial insects that we need for growing our food.  Dale has so many rad items to see.  Please check out Dale's website at:  https://www.artistdalelewis.com/events

Here are the stories of inspiration that Dale shared with us regarding how his insects came to be:  

A friend gave me three Harley gas tanks.  I thought the first one would make a perfect ant head, if I make the right size ant. I went on to make the Wasp and a Land Crab with the remaining pieces.  

Wooly Bear Caterpillar: 

My friend found the brush on the road, he was going to kick it out of the way, then decided, Dale should make something with it. I think the brush is meant for scrubbing carrots at a cannery.

Wooly Bear is an interactive sculpture, he moves with a slight breeze and I welcome people to touch him. 

Come check out his work and take some cherished photos while you're at it!  


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