CSA: U-PICK Details.


DRUM ROLL PLEASE....We rolled out a Members-Only, U-pick CSA program in 2022.  (CSA is “Community Supported Agriculture. Ours is U-PICK) AND IT WAS AWESOME!  The community that was built was a complete joy and delight.  Families and friends picking their chosen fresh organic food each week was the highlight of the summer!  There were so many quotable comments that we can't repeat them all, but here are a few: 

"This is our happy place."

"The whole family LOVES coming to "our" farm".

"The current members are going to get first dibs on next season membership, right?  Because I would tackle someone to get my spot back. :)"

"It's like Christmas morning each week that I come.  I have no idea what treats await!"

"Rainbow chard is my fave!"  "Has it always been?"  "Nope, I'd never heard of it before coming here.  Lots of stuff I eat from the farm I've never heard of before."  (i.e:  honeyberries, black licorice mint, currants, gooseberries, lemon balm, raw asparagus, etc.)

"My kids are trying and loving stuff they'd never touch away from the farm."

For 2023 membership, below are all the details that you need to know.  

Please scroll to the bottom for instant CSA details.  Or keep reading for extended understanding.  Thanks!  


First off, thank you so much for being a beautiful part of the 2022 growing season.  You took chance on a new farm model with us, and we are thrilled by the outcome.  We loved having you and your family/friends here at the farm, and we can't wait to have our farm fam back next season! 


So, why a u-pick CSA?   LOTS of brainstorming, number crunching, and conversations have occurred in hopes of coming up with a win for everyone.  During this process, the priorities of the farm stayed front of mind: 


-  Offer organic and ripe:  provide the highest taste/quality/nutrient-dense food        that we can while protecting/nourishing the soil. 

-  Build community: where you are known, belong, and feel ownership here.

-  Provide experiential activities:  a place to find joy in the harvest, peace in the        beauty, movement in the gathering, imagination in the foraging/creating,              FUN, etc.

-  Keep food prices stable:  food costs are skyrocketing around us, but not here.

-  Cultivate bonding:  families/friends who harvest in nature together bond                deeply.    

-  Practice financially sound stewardship.  Be able to stay open as a u-pick              organic farm. 

-  Minimize waste.  Grow enough, but not abundantly more for the people that        pick here. 

-  Utilize the plethora of fruits already growing on the farm. 


With those things in mind, we found one idea that seemed to embrace all of those things.  We hope you agree, and join us with our new farm model:  

                                  Member Only, U-Pick CSA!


We are so stoked to be able to offer our farm members the following HUGE benefits: 


Member Only Benefits:

-  PRIVATE:  Enjoy a private member-only “park” to explore where you'll find: changing storybook walks in the shade-covered grove; picnic spots; sculpture photo opps; hanging tent to relax or read  books in; befriend, feed, and write letters to our beloved hens; exclusive invites to events and classes (options are mentioned below under “add on’s”) 


-  OPEN HOURS NOW INCLUDE SOME EVENINGS in case you are busy during the day.  Feel free to picnic after your weekly harvest...perhaps with newly found farm friends!


- VARIETY of flavors and exciting rarities that can be tasted here (some of these are perennial and will be first come, first serve):  all the sought after things like sun-gold tomatoes, herbs, cukes, zukes, strawberries (the BEST...no joke, the fruit commissioner of MN raved about them!), blueberries, rasps, peppers, onions, greens, carrots, beans, radishes, beets, etc.  BUT, we also offer exotic things like:  black licorice mint, honeyberries, gooseberries, green and purple grapes, red/white/black currants, 3 kinds of plums, blackberries, tart cherries, asparagus, gourmet garlic, oyster and shiitake mushrooms (ADD ON BENEFIT FOR 2023 from RR Cultivation), golden raspberries, a few elderberries, etc.  Full list of seeds we'll be planting are shown under FAQ section.  


-  PEAK OF RIPENESS:  Nothing tastes better, or has more beneficial nutrients than ripe food...and that is not found in the grocery store due to perishable qualities.  (as berries ripen, anti-inflammatory pigments are more present and help protect brain function/fight against cancer.)  That's a big deal!


-   FLOWERS:  Enjoy the soul feeding benefits of taking home a weekly gorgeous BOUQUET!  Not only do we have really unique tulips and daffodils coming this spring, but also tons of other rare finds...orlayas, mignonettes, lily of the valley, chinese forget-me-nots, yuccas, honeywarts, snapdragons, dahlias, apple blossoms, pussy-willows, lilacs, sweet Williams, cosmos, bunny tails, ageratum, celosia, china aster, lace flower, amaranth, corn cockle, poor man's orchids, scabiosa, zinnias, tulips, roses, etc etc etc. Members say that choosing which bouquet each week is the hardest thing they do as they are all so stunning!


-   ADD-ON’S (for additional cost), please feel free to choose from:  our “adopt” a chicken program (pick a chick to “adopt”, and you’ll receive her story, picture, and a “real mail” letter sent to your home); free-range eggs of various colors; delish raw honey; sporadic classes to be announced.  (i.e:  yogurt making with fresh berry compote; mushroom growing class; forage farm for wreath making; bouquet demo with local floral designer; ferment pickling; pressed flower art, etc); enjoy local cold-brew coffee truck at various picking days...and hopefully fresh DELISH baked goods/pastries coming 2023! 


-  EVENTS: member only events (some are additional costs):  i.e:  - Family Photo Day with Professional Photographers hopefully coming 2023; Open to public:  Spring (May 13th from 10am-2pm) and Fall Fest/Maker's Market ;  Etc.


-  ORGANIC everything is enjoyed here. 


-  STABILITY of Food Costs:  Purchase now, and regardless of what food costs are in the grocery store come next summer, your costs WON’T increase! 


-  CHOICE:  you pick what is in your box....meaning:  whatever is ripe, you choose which ones you take (if zucchini is ready, you opt for large or small based on your recipe needs, etc.)  (with lots of CSAs, you take what they give you.)


-  BONDING:  Spending sweet time with LOVED ones doing activities away from electronics that are great for the body, mind and spirit.  It has been BEAUTIFUL watching familes from grandma/grandpas down to new borns experiencing the farm together each week.  Ahh, the memory building times seeing, tasting, picking, smelling, savoring together.  


-  BEING KNOWN:  Isn’t that one of our biggest human needs/desires, to go “where everybody knows your name”?  Well, here at the farm, you will be welcomed, befriended, and known.  Membership allows for smaller numbers of people so we can actually form a community!  We want to know your name, and your fave veg, flowers, recipes, trips, colors, hobbies, etc.  We all grow in the best ways when we know, and are known, and spend time listening to/with each other.   WHAT a wonderful surprise that members are so kind to befriend us as well:  you all have shared your recipes, homemade goodies from our farm offerings (black currant jam, apple butter, zucchinis, fermented veg, soap, baked goods, pies, etc.)  THANK YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS!


-  JOY of the harvest (the best part of growing) where you frolic in nature while picking each item.  Every berry/fruit/veg/flower is self-chosen per your discernment/tastes, and every moment in nature fills your inner tank.  Truly.


-  PHYSICAL Activity:  you won’t even notice that you are using those muscles but, while harvesting, you’ll be getting some movement in!


-  ABUNDANCE:  Garden food will be grown based on the numbers of our members, so there will be plenty for you!  During peak harvest, some members opted to drive their cars up for pickup of their boxes because they weighed so much!


-  GIVING:  Have to miss a week of picking?  No problem: simply gift your missed week to a friend so they can enjoy the harvest while you’re away.  Or, if you are a 8 week member, feel free to pick whatever weeks work into your schedule...just as long as you fit in all 8.  

-  Opportunities to VOLUNTEER!  Starting 2023, we'll be having volunteer days for anyone interested in getting a small taste of what running a farm is like, and to contribute to the farm you love.  The labor to keep everything organic/till-free/spray-free is WAY more than conventional farm since everything is basically done by hand.  Your hands will help GREATLY.  Thanks in advance!  





Number of Weeks:  16

Picking Detail:  Each week you will receive the equivalent of $47-$50 of veg/fruit/flowers/herbs.  How you'll pick:  At the beginning of the season, you'll receive a big crate that will hold all of the week's items.  When you arrive at the farm each week, we will give you what you need for that week's picking of the specific ripe items.  For example:  you may receive a quart-sized picking box for the beans and a pint-size picking box for the gooseberries, a bag for the greens, etc.  This will alleviate weighing as you take whatever you can fit in each container.  The large box will be able to house all of the smaller specific boxes.  

Picking Season Dates:  Starts June 13, 2023 and goes thru Sept 30, 2023.


Financial Investment:  $675 for FULL membership of 16 weeks (each box is approx: $47 value, but you’ll only be paying $42.19ea box!  $475 for 1/2 membership which is every other week (8 weeks) of the summer.  


2023 Member Picking Days/HRS Will Be: 

Tues:     Day 9am-noon;  Evening:  5pm-8pm

Thurs:    Day 9am-noon;  Evening:  5pm-8pm

Sats:      9am-NOON

Closed:  Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for ripening and work. 

Disclaimer: As a member of the CSA, you are making a financial commitment for the 2023 season to receive a weekly or bi-weekly fruit/veg/flower box. You recognize that due to the inherent risks of farming, there are no guarantees on the exact amount of produce you will receive due to weather extremes, insects, and/or other production factors. You are willing to share the risks of growing methods and reap the benefits along with the farmer. You understand that no refunds for CSA shares will be granted during the season. Thank you for your understanding, and support of local, organic, fresh, ripe produce!  

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