Recipes: Tart Cherry Jam with barely-there sugar and w/out boxed pectin!

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After washing, gently tug on the stem to remove the pits.  If they don't dislodge, simply squeeze the cherry (over the bowl to save the yummy juices).  


Peel and shred 2 green apples (this will be the pectin source)


Put cherries and shredded apples into pot.  


Add the minimal amount of sugar (taste test later to see if it's to your liking.)


Bring to a simmer and let it cook down the fruit.  Please see note below on how to check for done-ness.  


It's time for Tart Cherry Jam...with barely-there sugar and without boxed pectin!    

 - 8 cups of pitted tart cherries

-  2 peeled and shredded green apples (that is the pectin replacement)

-  2.5 cups sugar

Place an empty plate in the freezer. 

Put all ingredients into a big pot, and put on medium heat to start a boil.  Let it rapid simmer for about 30-40 minutes.  As the cherries break down and get "jammy", start checking if done.  

How to check if done:  put a spoonful onto the frozen plate, and hold the plate vertically on it's side.  Does the jam slide easily down?  Then it's not done.  If it slides slowly, then it's done.  If it doesn't move, it's overdone.  Check taste to see if it's to your liking.  Too tart...add some sugar.  

Once finished, pour the delectable jam into clean jars.  Then, either do the canning process OR, put in the fridge to cool before storing in the freezer as freezer jam.  


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